10 Most Vocal Cat Breeds

Unlike dogs, cats are not popular for being quite vocal. However, there exist multiple talkative cat species that talk more than meowing or mewing.

While we love felines generally, vocal cats tend to be famous because individuals enjoy their trills, chirps, meows, and purrs—additionally, talkative pets can help relieve loneliness.

This complete guide offers a list of the most chatty breeds.

These felines have fascinating vocals like yowling and chirping. A few possess such a vast repertoire of sounds that you can teach them to “speak.”

1. Siamese

Siamese kitties are likely the most talkative of all the cat species and a few can chat throughout the day! Siamese cats possess a unique vocalization that sounds like a child’s cry, one of their extensive repertoire of other fascinating cat sounds.

Some keepers will no doubt appreciate talking with their Siamese all day, while a few may find that they ‘speak’ a bit too much. Particularly as several Siamese cats will vocalize during the night, which can be extremely loud and disturb their keepers’ bedtime.

Altogether, these lovely cats are affectionate, careful, playful, and easy-going, which makes them beautiful family mates overall.

2. Oriental Shorthair

Oriental shorthaired felines are fairly identical to Siamese cats – they are quite noisy when they vocalize and it’s also noticed that their purr can sound like a truck rolling by!

These cats are also quite social and they enjoy interaction with their caretaker, so they’re a perfect pet for those with much time on their hands.

But this is certainly not a quiet feline – when they are not purring like a truck, they tend to carry quite a rough and loud voice which they desire to ensure is heard.

3. Burmese

Burmese cats are typically not as noisy as Oriental or Siamese cats, their sound is truly quite enjoyable – particularly when they are showing affection.

Burmese kitties possess a soft, sweet-sounding, little raspy voice and affection to offer and receive plenty of cuddles. Several people may prefer this feline over another just because their sound is not as noisy and intense.

4. Japanese Bobtail

Like the Burmese, the Japanese Bobtail usually has a quite friendly and peaceful voice. This special breed can offer a whole range of tones from short little chirping sounds, to long melodious meows.

Japanese Bobtails are also extremely affectionate, human-pleasing cats and they love knocking up a ‘conversation’ with their keepers, which is excellent for people who like everyday interaction with their feline companion.

5. Sphynx

Sphynx cats are popular for possessing a rather raspy sound. This pet can be particularly demanding and insistent with their voice– they chirp, sing, purr, and meow in a range of sounds.

With Sphynx cats being so friendly and loving, they are quite dependent on their caretakers and desire active engagement in their lives, which is why they tend to ‘chat’ much. This is a perfect pet for patient owners searching for a talkative friend to offer them company.

6. The Bengal


This is a lovely cat species that not only enjoys meowing but is also quite loud. They can act like watchdogs by meowing when outsiders approach the gate. They may meow during their mealtime or if you don’t give them sufficient attention.

But with everyday exercise and attention, these are affectionate companions that can suit modest homes with or without children. Treat balls, feathery toys, and puzzle feeders can aid divert them and maintain them from desiring to meow around the home.

7. The Turkish Van

Lovely and faithful, the Turkish Van is a chatty type that contains a medium-length coat that is easy to carry. These kitties enjoy meowing just about any event they can get, but they won’t keep you awake throughout the nighttime in favor of nestling up in the bed with you.

Their lively face makes their meowing all that much more beautiful, and their pleasant voice makes it easy for their keeper to familiarize themselves with their talking. Plus, you won’t discover many neighbors in your neighborhood — if any — who possess such a lovely cat.

8. Maine Coon

It’s a quite large cat; so, it’s no wonder that the longest household cat worldwide is a Maine Coon. The “Delicate Giant” is pretty chatty. You will have no lack of fascinating subjects to talk about with your favored pet.

What is astonishing is the feline won’t produce roaring meows as you may expect from a giant cat. Rather, they’ll offer you a unique melodic chirping trill. It’s nearly as if the kitty is constantly asking questions, with a tone of voice growing at the end of every trill.

Owning such a cat is much like possessing another dog in the home, because of its size.

9. The Ocicat

An Ocicat certainly seems like a wild cat. Luckily, this cat’s character doesn’t reflect a wild cat. There’s a ton you can accomplish with Ocicats, including teaching them to bring toys, teaching them to follow commands, walking them on a leash, and even training them to “speak.”

This cat has multiple dog features, aside from being confident, intelligent, and outgoing. They are usually loyal and dedicated to their caretakers.

However, they do like their hunting time and wouldn’t be happy if left alone for long; therefore, consider offering a feline friend (likely another Ocicat). Your children are sure to like playing with this active species.

10. Balinese

Balinese possess longer, silkier coats and softer sounds. They like being near their people and will follow you from room to room, attaching their sound the whole time.

While they are quite friendly, Balinese can handle being left alone from time to time, all in all it’s not a routine thing.




Which breed of cat speaks the most?
Siamese cats are likely the most talkative of all the feline breeds and a few can chat throughout the day!

What cat chirps instead of meowing?
Maine Coon kitties are the champs of chirping. This soft and perfectly-sized feline breed is well-known for chirping from the windowsill at backyard birds.

Which is the angriest cat? 
The Serval cat is the angriest cat with a bite much more powerful than the average household pet. The Serval is easily the angriest and maddest cat worldwide.

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