Best Cat Breeds For First Time Cat Owners

When you are prepared to receive your first feline home, you may feel slightly uncertain about where to begin.

Of course, you will desire to cat-proof your house and ensure you’ve all the essential feline supplies, but the most significant (and thrilling!) feature is picking the feline that nicely suits your lifestyle and home.

When bringing a new feline, there are some aspects to consider:

  • Age: Do you want a kitten, an adult cat, or even a senior?
  • Activity level: a few cats are pretty playful and vibrant, while others like a slower pace of life. An energetic feline may be more delightful and entertaining but also generate mischief.
  • Grooming and maintenance: Are you ready to daily groom your feline, or would you choose one that doesn’t need much grooming?
  • Affection: A few felines are loving and may occasionally require a lookout from you, while others are self-sufficient and independent.

With more than 40 different household feline breeds, the options are plenty. These are a few of the most suitable choices for someone searching for their first feline.

1.  Ragdoll Cats

The Ragdoll is a giant and powerful feline breed, but they’re known to be the finest blend of relaxed and calm. They are considered among the most fantastic felines for families and are also very friendly and sweet.

They’ve large blue eyes and a thick and soft average-length coat. Let us break a Ragdoll legend – this cat is not hypoallergenic.

2. Maine Coon Cats

Also popular as the peaceful giant of the cat kingdom, Maine Coons are the most significant domestic feline breed. They’re famous for their hunting talents, which is excellent if you enjoy their glowing nature gifts in the morning.

They’re also extremely friendly and are famous for their lively yet brilliant attributes. If you are used to keeping a pup in the family, this would be the most excellent cat alternative of all the felines on this list.

3. American Shorthair Cats

Although these cats are average-sized, they’re incredibly thick-boned, heavy, and muscly. This kind of feline has a rounded and dense appearance but is terribly relaxed and calm.

This breed only needs a little attention from home, and they’re suggested for singletons or active families as they can keep themselves occupied for hours.

4. Sphynx Cats

Allergic to felines? Don’t let that prevent you from bringing a furry friend. If so, the Sphynx feline is your most suitable cat. Although not completely bald, they’re ideal for people with cat allergies.

This breed may lack fur, but they create up for it in character. Cheerful, warm, and hyperactive, this feline desires human company, so they’re excellent for a house with many individuals around.


5. Abyssinians Cats

If you like a feline that is playful into adulthood, this cat breed is the pick for you. Sweet, smart, loyal, and affectionate, this feline is an ideal cat sidekick.

They are quite devoted and love to be with their people. This feline breed is the perfect addition to any household environment and would suit easily into a friendly home.

6. Birman Cats

Birmans, more generally called the Burmese breed, are popular for their unique qualities – fluffy and glowing blue-eyed. They arrive in 4 official colors: blue, champagne, sable, and platinum.

Usually, they’ve yellow or golden-colored eyes. Surprisingly, all Burmese felines are born completely white before they develop into their colors. These are lovely and quiet pets.

7. Somali Cats

Like the Abyssinian breed, the Somali feline is active and likes to play. They’re well-muscled and athletic yet interestingly graceful. They’re popular to be friendly cats whose purrs and meows are quiet.

They’re among the little higher maintenance felines on this list, but only due to their beautiful fur needing frequent grooming.

8. Siamese Cats

You may recognize them as the evil twin cats made popular by Disney’s The Lady and The Tramp. They’re strikingly attractive with their cream coats and glowing blue eyes.

This cat is quite vocal, particularly when they’re playing. If you’ve noise-sensitive housemates or neighbors, think about considering this breed.

They’re quite comfortable to groom, so if you are worried about tons of excess feline hair lying around your home, this is the 2nd most excellent feline breed (after the Sphynx).

9. Scottish Fold Cats

Known for their attractive folded ears, Scottish Folds cats are humble and sensitive. They require fellowship and would like a cat sibling to keep them happy.

If you are looking for a kitty that you can spoil, this breed would be an excellent option, as they are the most loving on this list. They are also a great option to keep kids occupied as they are a playful breed.

10. Persian Cats

A longer-haired cat, the Persian is another athletic yet glamorous cat. A strange fact about these cats is that they’ve 5 toes on their front paws but just 4 on their back ones!

They’ve always been quite famous, and they are lovely cats. Because of their lengthy hair, they will require everyday grooming, so they are not the most suitable option for caretakers who are always on the go.

11. Exotic Shorthairs

Identical in shape to the Persian cat, the only difference is that the Exotic Shorthair cat has shorter hair than the Persian cat. If you love everything about a Persian feline but are worried about the day-to-day groom, this cat is the choice.

They’re quite sensitive, so this cat breed will require time to become used to heavy-handed and curious children around. But it won’t take much time for them to become super loving.

12. Bengal Cats

Kept the most pleasing to last? Multiple would consent! The Bengal is a striking wildcat hybrid popular as the ‘House Tiger’ feline. This cat is quite larger than most of the other domestic felines on this list, and they’ve muscular and robust bodies.

Although they are domestic, they are popular for possessing prickly personalities. Bengals are smart and playful pets who require human attention. They can be territorial, so it would be good to be the only feline in the house or a quiet cat buddy.




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