Best Cat Breeds For Families

Are you thinking of getting a furry mate to your growing family but curious about how right cats are with kids? Fortunately, multiple felines are excellent with children, as they make ideal snuggle friends and offer children an outlet for enjoyment and play.

Kitties are also fairly low maintenance and can teach young kids responsibility, which is a major plus for occupied parents. Felines are extremely loving with their keepers and people they trust, so they make ideal partners for any family member, but mostly for children.

If you are looking for your new feline buddy, check out our picks for the finest cat breeds for families– and catch which adorable felines would fit your family.

1. Ragdoll

Popular for their easy going nature, these felines love their caretakers and thrive on interactive play. Among the most loving feline breeds around, they like to be held and will frequently welcome their people at the gate and follow them everywhere at home.

They tend to be relatively enormous and possess glowing blue eyes, and they are known to tumble into the arms of the individual carrying them – similar to a ragdoll.

Not only are these kitties able to keep up with busy children, but they truly relish the attention. Ragdoll felines are a leading choice for houses with kids, as they are docile, gentle, and unlikely to cause any hurt to kids, even infants.

2. American Shorthair

A loving breed, American Shorthair is popular for being a pleasant, relaxed, and delicate pet. Made for family life, these charming cats tend to get along nicely with other pets and people and are low-maintenance.

Popular for being quite independent and adaptable, they can handle being left alone if their keepers can’t be home for many hours a day. They also have a long lifespan, meaning they will be part of your family for a long time.

With their easy-going nature, they make perfect family pets for homes with kids and especially love interactive play with their people. They are among the most famous breeds and a perfect option for first-time cat parents.

3. Birman

Known for being curious, gentle, and easy-going, Birman felines are as friendly as they come. They seek attention but are not overly demanding and can laze around the home with other pets.

Although less busy than other breeds, they like hopping around with other family pets and can adjust to any home.

These cats are perfect companions for kids as they are very playful, easy to handle, and possess gentle nature. Your kids can have fun teaching a Birman kitty to do all kinds of things, including strolling on a leash.

4. Maine Coon

Popular for their size, Maine Coon kitties are enormous cats with bigger personalities. These peaceful beasts can weigh around twenty pounds but have kitten-like qualities. Good-natured and temperate, they are known to be quite easy and can easily adjust to kids’ needs.

They bond strongly with their caretakers and get along nicely with other pets. With the longest and most attractive coats out there, they like playing fetch and may even stroll on a leash.

Their bulky size makes them fearless of being handled by kids, and they make fantastic family pets because of their kind, playful, and sweet character.

5. Abyssinian

Abyssinian felines will keep your family covered around their paws. A fairly self-sufficient cat, they like to follow their owners around, run, jump, play, and welcome them with calm and gentle chatter.

They are unusually intelligent, loving, and friendly and are one of the more playful feline breeds. Loyal, people-oriented, and smart, Abyssinians are excellent for kids and other kitties inside the home. They know how to deliver joy and like to play with their keepers.

6. Manx

Caring, warm, even-tempered, and casual, Manx felines protect their house and deeply want to be with people. These average-sized, rounded cats are busy and believed to be “dog-like.”

Gentle and adaptable, Manx makes for excellent family pets. They are popular for their short tail, which is one reason they’re the right breed for kids; no tail indicates that kids won’t be drawn to pull!

7. Himalayan

While Himalayan felines may seem mean, they are anything but a blend of a Siamese and a Persian feline. They possess the unique coloring of a Siamese and the casual character of a Persian with blue eyes.

These cats like and are devoted to their humans, both small and big. They take nicely to indoor life and are fairly low upkeep.

Himalayan kitties are among the most loving feline breeds globally and make perfect pets. They are excellent with kids, so be equipped for a kitty that will bond with your children for life.

8. Burmese

Burmese felines like being around their people and staying active and socially nice into their senior years. They possess active and playful behavior, love to play fetch, and remain sociable.

With a dog-like character, Burmese felines will follow you nearly everywhere in the house all day long, expecting to get a stroke or pat. An ideal option for families with kids and cat-friendly dogs, these felines will serve as playmates for kids in the upcoming years.

9. Ragamuffin

Big, clingy, and caring Ragamuffin felines like humans and have characters as big as their large and fluffy frames. They are friendly, docile, and have lovely characters.

They offer their humans deep friendship and like playtime. You will frequently discover your Ragamuffin feline waiting at the gate for you. Like most felines, they will jump, play, run, and rest for multiple hours.

Ragamuffin felines bond with their family, making them great pets. Their friendly behavior makes them ideal pets for homes with kids and other pets.

10. Cornish Rex


Cornish Rex felines are energetic and active and like to play fetch. They are quite loving, like to be around humans, and may even require friendship and attention. They are known for their curious and wise nature and naughty streak.

With their lively and outgoing personality, Cornish Rex felines are a fantastic option for families with kids, other pets, or routine visitors. They have a ton of love to share and won’t hesitate to offer it to the entire family.



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