Top 10 Friendliest Cat Breeds

While dogs are generally defined as friendly, loyal, and devoted, cats are more frequently defined as ambivalent or independent– even by people who love them the most. But while felines may play up their casual reputation, they hide absolute affection and love beneath that facade.

After all, a 2019 study in the journal of Current Biology discovered that felines are just as deeply bonded to us as pups or babies. That signifies they are not fooling anyone!

However, if you are searching for a naturally friendly cat, you should know that specific breeds have more loving and pleasant characteristics. Read our list of the most social cat breeds:

1.  Maine Coon

Known for their enormous size and paws and tufted ears, Maine Coons are popular as peaceful giants, as per the CFA. Though these felines may be enormous, they’re known to be loving with other cats, kids, and dogs.

They typically don’t mind nestling up on your lap and like to display their fondness through trills, chirps, and other sounds. They are also fairly intelligent – some individuals think them “dog-like” as they can learn to react to necessary commands.

Unlike most felines, the Maine Coon also possesses a love for the water, so don’t be amazed if you catch them playing in the shower or their water bowl.

2. Siamese

The Siamese cat is popular for its amazing blue eyes, curious personality, and caring nature. They like to be on your bed, in your lap, or at your table, and they like to chat with you.

They are also quite talkative and vocal– they are popular for the type of sounds they make and their eagerness to meow at you to obtain your lookout.

Beyond that, Siamese are incredibly affectionate and loyal – they are likely to get connected to their caretakers in the home, though they may be more careful of outsiders.

They also pair nicely with other felines, who help the cat release their energy and restrain their anxiety when alone.

3. Abyssinian

Abyssinians are among the oldest popular feline breeds – their records are from old Egypt. They are less known for being lap felines than loyal buddies who like to do whatever you are doing. Generally, Abys are human-oriented, not to say too intelligent.

They like to be the core of attention and are delighted to learn and accomplish tricks. They are generally active and curious, so while these felines are dedicated family members, they can readily get bored.

You don’t desire to leave an Abyssinian feline home alone for a long time, and you must ensure everyday playtime with this cat. 

4. Ragdoll

Ragdolls are peaceful, relaxed cats that follow you everywhere you go. They are excellent lap felines known to welcome family fellows at the entrance.

Known for their lovely characters, Ragdolls get along well with other kitties and puppies. Their delicate personality also makes them well-fitted for families with kids and elders.

While they are joyous, they are not too active – they like to hang out on the floor rather than discover a high perch to sleep on.

5. Sphynx

Popular as the bald feline, the Sphynx is evident. They are warm, smart, and outgoing. They also like to be the core of attention – they may even get in trouble to ensure you are observing!

With their passion for attention, the Sphynx can be naughty and childish, but they are also extremely loving – they always desire to spend time with you or show off for you. And though they are playful and curious, they like to nestle up in a friendly place when they get exhausted.

6. Persian

Persians are among the most famous feline breeds, understood for their lovely, soft qualities and sweet expressions. These long-haired felines like it when it’s calm and quiet, making them perfect lap kitties.

Persians also like routines and are usually well-behaved buddies. They like spending time with people and discovering a favored spot to curl up for a nap. They can occasionally be active, but they are not too demanding and don’t possess a stature for getting into trouble.

Also, while they are not as talkative as a few of the other breeds on our list, they are understood for their melodious chirps when they feel like conversing.

7. Burmese

Burmese are loving felines who desire to spend as much time with their households as possible. They contain such a captivating charm that they have long been known for succeeding over individuals who felt they didn’t like felines.

They are also energetic – nearly dog-like – and like to play games of fetch. They are confident and smart and want to be engaged family members. They follow you nearly everywhere, sleep on your bed, and cuddle up on your lap.

They also get along nicely with kids and other dogs and cats. For multiple Burmese feline keepers, just one of these cats isn’t enough.

8. Birman

Another blue-eyed cutie, the long-haired Birman, is extremely charming, delicate, and friendly. They enjoy being with people and are excellent at socializing with people and other pets.

They are also patient and easy-going, which makes them a fantastic option for families with kids. Also, though they thrive on attention, these kitties are usually calm.

9. Exotic Shorthair

Lovely, soft, and caring, the cat is similar to the Persian feline, produced in nearly the same way. They are faithful buddies who like to spend time with you.

However, they are not too demanding – they like to ask you calmly for attention. They are active, fun-loving, and usually relaxed. But they are not extremely chatty – instead, they are understood for making soft, squeaky meows.

Because of their general friendliness and adaptability, Exotic Shorthairs can suit families of every type.

10. Scottish Fold

Not only are Scottish Folds pretty – they are versatile, charming, and loving mates. These kitties are calm and docile and are not demanding in any way.

In fact, the Scottish Fold is likely to favor keeping a friend. And while they are sometimes playful, they gently snuggle up next to you or perch on your lap.

Despite their calm qualities, these felines are relaxed and can effortlessly adapt to new people or conditions.



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