10 Cat Breeds With Blue Eyes

Cats are impressive creatures that come in an expansive range of colors – in their eyes as well as their fur. Blue-eyed felines are incredibly fascinating because they are more limited in the cat class and who can resist those pretty unusual features of dazzling baby blues?

A lack of pigment usually produces blue eyes in felines. All cats are born with blue eyes because they don’t receive eye pigmentation till they’re about six weeks old when melanin creation occurs (melanin is the pigment that defines eye color).

The rare the melanin, the lighter the sights, and hence, felines with blue eyes possess quite a minor melanin. So, here’re ten feline breeds that have lovely blue eyes:

1. Siamese Cat Breed

These breeds are among the most loved and well-known cat breeds. They are talkative, wise, and attractive, natural kitties, making excellent household pets.

These felines possess different small coats, with silky smooth fur and a light-coloured body. Their paws, face, and tails are darker than the remainder of their body parts. And every Siamese kitty has beautiful blue eyes.

While Siamese cats are excellent indoor pets, they need company from their keepers, including cuddling in bed and lying on laps. The breed is frequently identified as “dog-like” as they like to go after their people and enjoy plays, like fetch, so gather up on some kitties toys.

2. Birman Cats

The Birman is a feline class with beautiful blue eyes. Their shining blue eyes offer them a pleasing look that will keep you awe-struck for some time.

These loving and kind cats were developed to be companions, so they are most comfortable with a human partner and pay attention to their preferred people.

They tend to be most amusing when indoors and wholly satisfied with this lifestyle. Many pet parents find them so appealing that they finish up with a second Birman breed, and this class enjoys the companionship of other cats and people.

3. Himalayan Cat Breeds

This breed boasts beautiful, dark blue eyes and oversized, thick coats. They are of average size, with a similar look and characteristics to the Persian breed.

Although, they vary in blue eye color and possess cream or white color coats, with various color features emerging from crossbreeding with the Siamese feline. Himalayan breed always has glowing blue eyes.

The Himmies, or Himalayan felines, are elegant and frequently display kitten-like outbursts of energy. They can go from sleeping in the sunshine to running about through the bedroom. These cats are excellent partners and thrive on activity, interaction, and grooming.

4. Balinese Cat Breed

This breed started as a mutation of the Siamese feline. Balinese Cat Breed is identical to the Siamese breed but possesses a bigger coat.

It is a stylish and silky class with the same dark blue eyes of the Siamese – attached in their impressive smooth, excellent coat, and this is one of the best looking classes.

The cats are identified to be kind, intelligent, and playful, and they need attention and should not be kept alone for extended periods.


5. Javanese Cat Breed

The Javanese is a blue-eyed cat class produced from a blend of Balinese Siamese and Colorpoint cats. While they seem kind, they are pretty powerful and like jumping and climbing.

This smart feline likes learning skills and new tricks. They love to support and enjoy running after and frequently supervising their beloved people.

The breed will enjoy playing fetch and also walking on a lead. Or, if they are placed indoors, you may notice them visiting you when you rest, sleep on the bed or anyplace in the home.

6. Ojos Azules Cat Breed

This blue-colored eye breed is among the rarest cat classes globally, and their name means blue-eyed in Spanish. Most beautiful, you can witness this striking cat with a dark, contrasting coat.

This cat was found in New Mexico in the mid-1980s and called after its dark blue eyes.

7. Persian Cat Breed

Persian cats are devoted, humble, and kind cats. This class has a peaceful behavior. These beautiful felines are not quite powerful, making them the ideal household pet.

The breed has a comparatively little face, so its large oval eyes are especially visible. Most Persians possess beautiful blue eyes, but there can be exceptions – or a few who have a distinct color in each eye.

Although loving, these cats are discriminative and keep their consideration for family and some trusted guests.

This lovely flat-faced cat class does get friendly with kids and other family pets; however, they are not supporters of noisy surroundings but relatively peaceful homes where minor changes.

8. Ragdoll Cat Breed

The Ragdoll cat is a popularly playful pet, happy and peaceful, with beautiful blue eyes. Their most attractive characteristic is their likelihood to rest limply when you pull them up (unlike most felines, who wriggle out of your grip as quickly as they can).

These breeds are faithful and frequently welcome their keepers at the gate. They’re also excellent with kids and dogs, making them ideal for households.

With a kind and sensitive nature, the breed is super comfortable with strangers and will need a piece of love from all. It is among the friendliest expensive feline classes.

9. Tonkinese Cat Breed

This whimsical cat keeps its playful instincts all of its life. They like to explore, reply to the door, play fetch, and more. These furry friends are charming and much favor company to being alone.

The breed is considered to have been carried to the UK around the 1800s and is known as Chocolate Siamese. In the United States, the cat was formed from the Burmese and Siamese classes to offer a more gentle breed and beautiful aqua blue eyes.

These average-sized cats can be very powerful and have small, silky hair.

10. Snowshoe Cat Breed

Known for their beautiful white paws, this cat breed highlights blue eyes. The cat has siamese heritage, the root of its impressive blue eyes.

This Snowshoe Cat is born all white and produces dark features as it grows, and they tend to possess a carouser and fuller body and face than their Siamese relatives.

This loyal and intelligent feline will be enthusiastic about gaining your attention.

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