10 Cat Breeds That Act Like Dogs

On the spectrum of pet fanatics, we tend to witness a different division between those who prefer felines over dogs. Individuals who choose cats usually think of felines as independent, mildly loving animals that need low supervision, and those who like dogs love the attention and extroverted energy their cat carries.

However, for pet fans who are interested in a relaxing medium between the two species, breeds of felines that behave like dogs may be something to consider.

1.  Abyssinian

Abyssinian felines are a lovely, active breed that likes the water and playing fetch with its favored toys. These felines are quite friendly and so they need more lookout than many of the other household feline breeds.

If kept isolated for too much the cat may feel depressed, so consider the portion of the time you can afford to give to your furry friend. An extraordinary behavior noticed with Abyssinians is they will frequently climb upon their keepers and stand over their bodies to look out.

The cat responds nicely to leash exercise and they also love to follow you everywhere you go. This makes them an outstanding breed for those who like a quick stroll now and then.

2. Ragdoll

Ragdolls are among the most familiar breeds of felines that act like dogs. They have gained the name ragdoll for their quality of going limp and resting in a bent, doll-like position when picked up. This is a quiet, soft-tempered breed that is frequently looking for physical affection from keepers.

Ragdolls adjust nicely to their settings, and they get along with other pets and kids in the home too. They are an incredible indoor feline breed identical to dogs the fact that they love cuddling and welcoming their owners at the gate.

3. Manx

The Manx breed is distinct in its dog-like tendency to arrive when its owners call their name or whistle. These are a rare feline breed, not only because they are tailless, but also because they like humans.

These felines possess an infinite supply of love for people. They are also notorious for climbing obstacles, jumping, and even burying and collecting toys at times.

These felines are extremely responsive to their keepers. Manx can be teached to learn commands like “come” or “no”, just like a well-mannered canine.

4. Turkish Angora

If this feline were to be recapped in just some words, it would be clever, faithful, and social. These felines are faithful to their households and take every odd possible to engage themselves in whatever you are doing.

An outstanding characteristic of this breed is they like to swim- of course, on their terms. They are playful, naughty, and specified, making them well-fitted for a house with tons of activity.

Like most dog breeds, this feline breed adores kids and adults, making them great household pets.

5. Bombay

The Bombay is another ordinary feline breed that behaves like a canine. They have been witnessed on parks and sidewalks walking on a leash with their caretaker.

Bombay felines are also infamous for discovering new ways to engage themselves. This means they get along great with puppies and can be witnessed teasing them from time to time.

Like many other cat breeds that act like dogs, Bombay likes to show and receive affection, making them an incredible option for people who love an active and interactive pet.

6.  Main Coon

The Maine Coon is among the biggest household feline breeds. Male cats weigh around 12 to 18 pounds, with female cats ranging between 10 to 14 pounds, making them as enormous as many toy-sized dog species. Not only is their shape similar to that of pups, but so is their incredible nature.

Maine Coons are faithful, adoring, and playful to their caretaker. Because of their loyalty, they stay attentive toward outsiders, which can be a promising specialty for their safety. Much like a long-haired canine, this breed needs periodic brushing to maintain its thick furs free of mats.

7. Birman

Birman is a delightful friend that likes being playful when you desire peaceful time and intrusive when you are busy.

Birman’a engages greatly with kids, and they like to obtain and provide lots of affection. This feline is easy to deal with and look after, making them a promising show feline.

Much like a dog, they can be taught to behave and give attention to commands. This makes them a perfect cat breed for intense dog enthusiasts.

8. American Curl

Known for their remarkable, curled-back ears, this breed is also characterized by its loving nature and kindness to kids. They are an active and energetic feline breed that likes to explore their setting.

They have been recognized to carry dog-like alertness, and are generally seen perched up high studying their keepers each move.

The curls can alter significantly in the first few months of their life, so it’s suggested not to get one home until they are at least 4-months old. After this period, the ear’s curl settles into the shape it will keep all over its life.

9.  Burmese

Here’s another special feline that functions like a dog, the Burmese. This species is recognized for exhibiting dog-like loyalty, as noticed in the Abyssinian breed.

Both breeds also share a mixture of high brilliance and a propensity to follow their caretakers at each step. This makes them a practical feline for leash exercise as they already like to be close.

Unlike several other cat types, the Burmese are quite more vocal. They are frequently known for trying to have a meowing debate with their caretaker over why they deserve delight – again.

Burmese felines are quite playful, and they will require playtime from you when they sense it. This makes them an amazing option for pet keepers with an active doggie too.

10. Sphynx

Arguably among the most distinct-looking animals of the feline family, Sphynx is a wild, faithful, and loving species. They are infamous for following their caretaker about everywhere or seen snuggling below a gentle blanket for hours.

Sphynxes have a unique character making them a famous feline breed among American households.

Sphynx may seem entirely hairless, however, most of its skin is wrapped with a delicate layer of peach fuzz that offers them a smooth texture. You must bathe them frequently, apply sunscreen, and offer soft, warm clothes when it’s cold outside.

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