10 Biggest Cat Breeds

Unlike dogs, size is generally not among the major aspects individuals consider when adopting a feline. The ordinary cat’s size is about 10 lbs. (4.54 kg), with a height of around 9 to 10 inches (23 to 25 cm). But as many cat enthusiasts are well familiar, there is plenty of variation over the spectrum.

Cats come in all types of sizes and shapes, and a few breeds are popular for being quite larger than others. Let’s grab a look at the average sizes of the biggest cat species known to humans!

Top 10 Biggest Domestic Cats


Searching for an enormous fur beast to enter the family? Even felines of the same breed can differ significantly in size, so it’s essential to accept your cat for however great (or little) they develop.

1. Maine coon

If there is one thing most individuals learn about the Maine coon, it’s that it’s one enormous feline. This pleasant fluff beast is considered the world’s biggest domestic feline breed and is thought to have developed in North America from European felines that secured a ride with earlier explorers.

weight: 8-25 lbs

height: 10- 16 inches

length: 19-40 inches

lifespan: 10 -15 years

2.   Ragdoll

The ragdoll gained its name due to its cuddly, docile, and loving nature. Ragdolls tumble into their favored person’s arms when picked up, similar to rag dolls. Their history is wrapped in a mystery, and there are multiple theories of how they arrived to be, including CIA investigations.

This wonderful family-friendly beast achieved fame in the US in the 1990s, and the Cat Fanciers Association identified it in 2000.

weight: 10 – 20 lbs

height: 9 – 11 inches

length: 17 – 21 inches

lifespan: 12 – 15 years

3.   Savannah Cat

The Savannah is a hybrid result, which means that they arrive from the cross of a wild cat with a household cat. In this instance, the wild feline was that of the African serval, which possesses enormous ears.

The household Savannah feline is categorized as per the number of generations that they are from their wild feline predecessor, with F1 and F2 being the considerable and the most probable to achieve scale-tipping 30 pound weights.

The wild DNA in Savannah indicates that the household feline can exhibit wild preferences. They like to spend time outdoors, hunt and can be pretty aloof, although a few do blend well in families and indoor homes.

weight: 8- 25 lbs

height: 19 -16.5 inches

length: 14 -17 inches

lifespan: 12 – 15 years

4.   Norwegian Forest Cat

The Norwegian Forest breed was first bred in Norway when household cats were crossed with wild forest felines. They are far sufficiently away from the original wild feline to exhibit entire domestic characteristics.

The current Norwegian Forest feline is family-friendly, even though they love to spend tons of time outdoors. Besides being familiar with them, they enjoy playing and following their favorite person around the home to complete tasks.

weight: 12 -16 pounds

height: 9 -12 inches

length: 12 -18 inches

lifespan: 14 -16 years

5.   Siberian Cat

Siberian is an enormous breed with an incredible deal of hair and personality. They derive from Siberia, which is popular for its severe and lengthy winters, thus the feline’s long and incredible coat. After being domesticated and getting indoors, the cat became an ideal pet.

Nice and faithful, the cat does develop big and their hair does need care. They have shedding seasons, at which point, you’ll need to get the vacuum out frequently to keep on top of the hair shower.

weight: 8 – 17 pounds

height: 9 – 11 inches

length: 17 – 25 inches

lifespan: 12 – 15 years

6.   Ragamuffin

The Ragamuffin’s history is not completely obvious, but what is learned is that they were brought in by Ragdoll owners that crossed their cats with other longhaired felines. The outcome is a breed that possesses some of the same personality characteristics as the Ragdoll and that will shed often.

Besides being enormous, the Ragamuffin is a docile but adoring feline species. While the Ragdoll is occasionally defined as having a bit of a wild appearance, the Ragamuffin has a more attractive cat face with bigger and kinder eyes.

weight: 10 – 20 pounds

height: 10 – 15 inches

length: 12 -18 inches

lifespan: 12 -18 years

7.    British Shorthair

The British Shorthair is a faithful and caring feline that derives from Britain. They’re among Britain’s oldest breeds and are considered to have derived from the Romans.

Currently, the British Shorthair is characterized as being a delightful feline buddy because they’re familiar and loving. They’re even known to be quite loyal, and the cat will get along with all household members instead of preferring a single person to bond with.

weight: 7 – 17 pounds

height: 12 -14 inches

length: 20 – 25 inches

lifespan: 14 – 20 years

8.   Chausie

The Chausie felines are direct descendants of Old Egyptian felines, the species that were quite respected and were even mummified alongside their keepers. They still seem fairly wild currently, but they’ve developed multiple domestic traits.

The cat’s name means jungle cat, and the breed maintains much of its outdoor love today. If you like to spend time outdoors, this is the perfect feline for you. They also enjoy spending time indoors with their people.

weight: 11 – 16 pounds

height: 14 – 18 inches

length:  20 – 22 inches

lifespan: 12 – 14 years

9.   Turkish Van

The Turkish Van is vibrant and favorably brilliant. They’ll bond greatly with people, but they are not tolerant of fur pulling or other demeanors that may be regarded as too wild or harsh.

Multiple Turkish vans don’t like to be cuddled or picked up. They’ll understand tricks, though, and they’re one of only a few species that like the water.

weight:  10 – 20 pounds

height: 10 – 14 inches

length: 14 – 17 inches

lifespan: 12 – 17 years

10.  American Bobtail

The American Bobtail was first crossed during the 1960s when a Siamese was crossed with a short-tailed household feline. The current breed generally possesses a tail around half the length of a common household feline tail, even  though it may be shorter, and a few Bobtails have entire tails.

Occasionally known as the Golden Retriever of the feline world, this breed is energetic and playful. You may be able to train them some tricks and perhaps even motivate them to play fetch.

They are courageous without being assertive, which is a desirable mixture of characteristics for a domestic feline friend.

weight: 7 -16 ponds

height: 9 – 10 inches

length: 17 – 19 inches

lifespan: 13 – 15 years




 Which is the biggest breed of big cats?

The biggest feline is the Siberian tiger, which can weigh exceptionally 660 pounds and stretch over 10ft from nose to tail.

Which is the biggest domestic cat you can purchase?

Main Coons are regarded as a few of the largest household felines. Weighing around 20+ pounds, estimating about 40 inches in length, and with large, soft coats.

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