10 Cat Breeds With Big Ears

How gorgeous are cats with big ears? Big-eyed cats pull on our heartstrings as we are geared to feel sympathetic towards animals with enormous eyes – and the same seems to exist when it comes to giant ear feline breeds.

Cat ears can be adorable as they’re usually quite soft on the exterior and hold some fur on the interior (which is not so engaging in humans).

More oversized ears frequently performed an essential function for felines in the wild as it enabled them to hear out for threat and prey. So here are some of these beautiful big-eared cat breeds.

1. Abyssinian Cats

Your Abyssinian breed may fully become your most loyal friend. These high-energy felines are constantly on and ready for play, and what they like most is being near their keeper.

This class has a comparatively little face, indicating its wide almond-shaped eyes and ears reach out even more.

This affectionate cat is also recognized for its smartness and passion for a great climb, so make sure to offer it a cat tower or a yard for playing.

This friendly cat loves company, so if you’ve got a hectic lifestyle, it might be a good idea to bring another pet or cat to have it company when you are away.

2. Cornish Rex Cat Breed

This kitty has a head that is shaped like a triangle. Consequently, Cornish Rex Cat’s ears and eyes are vast and significant. The eyes of these felines are more likely to be a golden color.

This class has no hair aside from a few down. Its coat is excellent and can seldom receive a little of a curl. The shortage of fur can highlight those large eyes and ears even more.

They are frequently compared to greyhound puppies because of their sleek look, and they like a great, relaxing run. This adventurous cat likes to travel and will keep its whimsical behavior long after its kitten days are over.

3. Devon Rex Cats

The playful Devon Rex breed, also called the pixie cat, is a friendly and faithful cat species. They make the perfect partners, welcome friends and family’s attention, and are excellent with children and other pets.

This cat appeared in England through the late 1950s and has long, almond-shaped eyes that compete with their big ears for consideration.

These felines are talented, energetic, and need daily stimulation. They are jumpers, and their preferred site is at the top level, so you should offer them cat trees and perches.

4. Siamese Cats

Siamese breeds are among the most loved and well-known cat classes. They are wise, talkative, and beautiful natural cats, making perfect household pets.

These kitties possess bizarre short coats, silky soft fur, and fair-colored bodies. Their paws, face, and tails are darker than other body parts. While they are excellent indoor felines, they need company from their keepers, including cuddling in bed and relaxing on laps.

Siamese cats are frequently identified as “dog-like” as they like following their people nearby and savoring playtime.

5. Sphinx Cats

The Sphinx, among the most popular cat species, is well-known for its bald body. These average-sized felines have a stunning look with giant ears and hairless, wrinkled skin.

It is also recognized for the slightly bitter gaze which emits for its huge eyes. Those big eyes and ears strike even more on these kitties than other cates with minor hair.

Though Sphinx cats seem hairless, they may comprise a small quantity of peach fur, offering them that velvety surface. Despite this, they need gentle grooming to care for their bald forms as they don’t possess hair to receive the natural oils that their body generates.

These cats are friendly, active, and like to play. They are playful and affectionate teaser games and puzzle toys to excite them.

6. Savannah Cats

The Savannah is a superb blend of domestic and wild cats (cervical). It offers them quite stylish cheetah signings on their body and even on their comparatively enormous ears. This beautiful cat is also giant and ranks as the tallest feline breed in the world.

Savannah is one of the most costly cat species due to its breeding. It needs luck – and usually many years – to mate a varied and domesticated kitty.

They connect with only some people and are pretty faithful. They’re extremely curious and have an extraordinary skill to jump – also above high walls and fridges.

They have a powerful hunting ability, so if you have fish or birds, your furry friend will likely have an ear and eye on them regularly.

Because of this hunting ability, it’s essential to see your nation and town’s ownership rules before choosing to spend on this cat. Some regions have prohibitive laws because these fabulous felines can endanger local species.

7. Balinese Cats

The Balinese breed is pretty similar to the Siamese breed but has an enormous coat, and they seldom weigh over 5 kgs.

It is a sleek and intelligent cat with the same dark-blue eyes as the Siamese – attached in their beautiful silky long skin, and this is among the nice-looking cat class. Their smooth, silky layers also highlight their comparatively massive ears.

They are known to be wise, loving, and playful. This breed also likes recognition and shouldn’t be kept alone for extended periods.

8. Javanese Cats


The Javanese is a blue-colored-eyed breed formed from a blend of Balinese, Siamese, and Colorpoint cats. While they can seem soft, they are pretty powerful and like jumping and climbing.

This intelligent feline enjoys learning skills and new tricks. They enjoy following and love to support and frequently supervise their beloved people.

They will prefer playing fetch and also stepping on a lead. Or if you kept this breed indoors, you may witness them visiting you when you rest, sleep on the bed or are wherever in the home.


9. Singapura Cats

Singapura breed is a cheeky, playful, and loyal cat breed. You’ll frequently discover them below a duvet cover or resting in the sunlight.

The Singapura is among the most miniature breeds, which indicates its oval-shaped eyes and more oversized ears pop. They are full of love, mischief, and highly curious. These kitties love humans and get along quickly with other pets.


10. Egyptian Mau Cats

This beautiful and fascinating breed is Egyptian. It has an excellent unique spot design and is the quickest domestic cat. It possesses an average-sized but robust structure, with more giant hind legs and great ears.

With a calm personality and a love for activity, it’s good to have a big yard for your furry friend. They’re highly faithful and cheerful and enjoy snuggles.

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