The Best Cat Grass Kits, Cat Grass Seeds and Pre- grown Cat Grass


Cat Grass Kits


  1. Cat Grass kit with 3 Wooden Planters

-Guaranteed to Grow in just a few days

-Includes organic seeds, 3 mini Rustic Wooden Planters and Organic Soil

-Provides important nutrients and fiber

-100% Satisfaction

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                                 2. The Cat Ladies Cat Grass kit with Wooden Planter, seeds and soil

-100% organic, chemical-free, and loaded with all the fiber

-Grow kits organic and GMO-free

 -Easy-to-follow instructions and growing tips

-Growing Kit includes a black wood planter (10” x 5” x 4” )

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                             3. Organic Cat Grass kit and Cat Planter- Organic soil and seeds

-One Round Barrel Decorative Wood Planter

-Easy and Fast Growing

-Natural hairball remedy

-Enough seed for up to 3 planting

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4. Cat Grass Grow Bag Kit – 3 pack- All organic-Just add water

– Organic and loaded with all the fiber

-Easy-to-follow instructions and growing tips

-grow kits organic and GMO-free

-Growing Kit includes 3 USA-made grow bags

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Cat Grass Seeds


1. Organic wheat cat grass seeds (16 oz)

-100% Organic -Non GMO

-High-Quality Wheat Grass Seed

-Seeds grow wheatgrass in just 4-7 days

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2. Country Creek Acres Cat Grass Seeds (4 oz)

-GMO free

-Grow in Planters, Jars or your Garden

-Natural nutrients and High in fiber

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3. Organic Cat Grass Seeds Blend

-Mix of Barley, oats and Rye seeds

-Non GMO

-Mix is certified organic by OTCO

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Pre-grown Cat Grass


1. Fresh Pre-grown Cat Grass 3 pack

-100% certified organic

-Gentle & safe alternative to house plants

– Ships Nationwide to your front door

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