5 best Cat Toys For Lazy Cats

Offering our kitties quality playtime is essential to their physical and mental health. But what to do with a lazy feline that does not look like it needs to play?

It is a concern with various older felines. While young cats love to play with just about everything, a few cats lose the urge to have fun as they become older.

Often it’s because of health issues, including obesity, and sometimes it’s just a problem of natural temperament. Anyway, if you can convince your cat to take out its naughty side, you’ll be doing your furry friend pretty well.

One method of getting a feline to play again is by offering them the appropriate toys. Taking that into account, here’s a list of the best exciting cat toys that can attract even a lazy feline into playing.


1. PetSafe Slimcat Feeding Ball

This instinct-authorized interactive feeder toy encourages your feline to play before they consume– like they would in the wild. The active play ball is loaded with kibble or delicacies, and your kitty must move the ball to free the savoriness hiding inside.

Because it encourages your feline to exercise before they eat, it’s ideal for fat cats who require a little additional activity. It’s also a great option for kitties who usually scarf down their meals.

The PetSafe Feeding toy is adaptable, so the owner can decide how much feline food the ball releases as it shakes, bounces, and rolls. It’s created from dishwasher-safe plastic, so it’s comfortable to clean it up after play.

PetSafe Feeding Ball


2. Cat Amazing Puzzle Feeder

When you genuinely desire to bring a passive kitty out of their pleasure area and get them more playful, nothing is absolutely as useful as a puzzle box like the Cat Amazing Puzzle Feeder.

It is a big flat cuboid, with holes to hide catnip, mice, crinkle balls, cat wand toys and other favorites. The holes are approximately paw-sized – but only one side has spaces large enough for your cat to drive anything out.

It’s a practice of experimentation and creativity, which should make them occupied for hours at a time, and you can attach other playthings or treats to make the joy level high.

Cat Amazing Puzzle Feeder


3. Electric Moving Fish

Even the most inactive feline on the earth would have difficulty enduring this electrical gadget, which is formed just like a fish and planned to work like one.

A two-pack of electric fish toys is perfect for the feline, requiring a little push to get in the mood for playtime. It is USB chargeable and possesses a pocket for catnip, so both your furry friend and you can be pleased about the fact that you can play it repeatedly.

It is the best fish feline toy that will keep your pet engaged and entertained. They are ideal for offering your cat an abundance of mental and physical push. Throw down the fish in front of them, turn it on and observe your buddy jump into life!

Electric Moving Fish Toy


4. Automatic Cat Laser

Laser pointers are one of the most excellent cat toys for sluggish cats. The PetSafe Bolt Interactive Laser feline toy mixes the joy of a laser pointer with automated comfort.

It can create rings or throw the laser around the space in an unexpected manner to keep your kitty moving. It keeps your pet guessing and drives them crazy.

The machine also arrives with a manual mode, where the laser independently can be employed as a handheld game, offering the keeper a chance to control playtime. Most users like this toy and positively suggest it to other pet keepers.

Additionally, this machine arrives with an auto switch-off function, so it will shut off after 15 min of action to keep pets from being too jaded.

Automatic Cat Laser


5. Cat Scratcher Toy

Usually, it’s great to make a passive cat up and move. But seldom, it’s also an intelligent call to provide that natural quality in your cat, and that’s why this perfect fitness toy is such a worth-having.

This Cat Scratcher toy is ideal for felines who like to scratch and play simultaneously. It includes an enduring plastic track with a confined ball and a scratcher in the centre.

In addition to offering your pet many options for exercise, this feline toy also fulfils his requirement to scratch, which could preserve your furniture. To create it more attractive, just sprinkle the contained catnip on the scratcher and see your pet go wild.

Cat Scratcher Toy





Why isn’t my pet playful?

Your pet may not be playful because of health problems. First, clean up any possible concerns with your doctor. If your feline is well and still isn’t active, get more helpful toys and add yourself to play. A few kitties are not active if they’re overweight. Evaluate your pet’s meals and watch if a decent weight loss idea would be effective.


How do you get a lazy feline to play?

The most reliable way to make a lethargic feline play is with toys that mimic prey display and action. Run the toy throughout the identical way prey would act about, and it will encourage your cat to swift into hunting mode. Practice organic catnip or healthy treats as a prize.

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